(a) Participants from Educational Institutions in Indian subcontinent: Rs.2400/-

(b) Participants from Industry in Indian subcontinent: Rs.3000/-

(c) Participants from outside India: US $220/-

(d) OITS and/or IEEE or IEEE-Computer Society members may pay half the amount otherwise due to them.

(e) Limited financial support for registration may be available for students depending on funds. For this purpose they may apply (email) to the organising chairs with full particulars ( immediately for necessary action.

(f) Payments may be made to `icit2006' as bankdraft/crossed cheque, including in US dollars and mailed as in (g).

(g) Registration form along with the check/bankdraft may be despatched in the address: Prof Manoj Mishra, Organising Chair (icit2006) and Head, IT Department, Institute of Technical Education and Research, Jagamara, Bhubaneswar 751030, INDIA.

NOTE: Please also send soft copy of this form in the email addresses of organising chair (, finance chair ( and program chair (

The registration fees (a), (b), (c) and (d) entitles the registrant to a copy of the Proceedings. All types of registration includes kitbag, lunches, coffee breaks, and, participation in all Technical Sessions.



(a) NAME


(c) Email address

(d) Category to which you belong with appropriate reference.

(e) Particulars of Bank Draft/ crossed check, such as amount, date, bank, number, as payable to `icit2006'.

(f) Particulars of despatch, like, when the letter is mailed, how.

(g) Date, time and mode of your arrival and departure as available

(h) Remarks, if any

Signature and Date.