Paper # áPaper Title Decision # of Pages Allocated Track
132 Estimating neutral divergence amongst Mammals for Comparative Genomics with Mammalian scope Accept-Full 6 Bioinformaticsá
287 Promoter Recognition using Dinucleotide Features : A Case Study for E.Coli Accept-Short 4 Bioinformaticsá
158 Efficient Two-stage Fuzzy Clustering of Microarray Gene Expression Data Accept-Short 4 Bioinformaticsá
147 Face Detection by using Skin Color Model based on One Class Classifier Accept-Poster 2 Bioinformaticsá
153 Evaluating the Association of Mitochondrial SNP Haplotypes with Disease Phenotypes using a Novel in silico Tool E-MIDAS Accept-Poster 2 Bioinformaticsá
204 Ayurinformatics- the application of bioinformatics in the ayurvedic system of medicine Accept-Poster 2 Bioinformaticsá
291 Electroencephalograph signal Analysis During Bramari Accept-Poster 2 Bioinformaticsá
25 A Tabu Search based algorithm for Multicast Routing with QoS Constraints Accept-Full 6 Networks
189 QoS Constrained Adaptive Routing Protocol For Mobile Adhoc Networks Accept-Full 6 Networks
202 Intelligent Query Tree (IQT) Protocol to Improve RFID Tag Read Efficiency Accept-Short 4 Networks
297 Bridging the gap between Reality and Simulations: An Ethernet Case Study Accept-Short 4 Networks
105 Enhancing Fault-Tolerant in Distributed ME Algorithm Accept-Short 4 Networks
270 Hypercube based Team Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks Accept-Short 4 Networks
59 An Analytical Framework for Route Failure Time of Multiple Node-Disjoint Paths in Mobile Ad hoc Networks Accept-Short 4 Networks
170 Seamless Network Management In Presence of Heterogeneous Management Protocols for Next Generation Networks Accept-Short 4 Networks
203 A Contention Window Based Differentiation Mechanism for providing QoS in Wireless LANs Accept-Short 4 Networks
248 Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: A Mobile Agent Approach Accept-Short 4 Networks
55 Design and Evaluation of a Distributed Diagnosis Algorithm in Dynamic Fault Environments For Not-Completely Connected Network Accept-Poster 2 Networks
208 A Hybrid Group Key Management Scheme for Two-Layered Ad Hoc Networks Accept-Poster 2 Networks
251 A New Algorithm of Worm Detection and Containment Accept-Poster 2 Networks
281 A strategy to reduce the control packet load of MANETs with bidirectional links using DSR Accept-Poster 2 Networks
43 Incentive Driven Grid Scheduling Accept-Poster 2 Networks
69 A Self-adaptive Hybrid Channel Assignment Scheme for Wireless Communication Systems Accept-Poster 2 Networks
99 Distributed Reconfiguration for Link Failures in IP-Over-WDM Networks Accept-Poster 2 Networks
125 Complexity Analysis of Group Key Agreement Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks Accept-Poster 2 Networks
140 Performance of Sniff and Embark MAC Protocol for Real-Time Traffic in Wireless LANs Accept-Poster 2 Networks
259 An HMM Based Recognition Scheme for Handwritten Oriya Numerals Accept-Full 6 Language
49 Voice conversion by Prosody and Vocal tract modification Accept-Full 6 Language
148 A hybrid transform coding for video codec Accept-Short 4 Language
193 A New Symmetry Based Cluster Validity Index: Application to Satellite Image Segmentation Accept-Short 4 Language
209 An Ontology Mapping Method Based on Tree Structure Accept-Short 4 Language
214 Using AnsProlog with Link Grammar and WordNet for QA with deep reasoning Accept-Short 4 Language
233 Duration analysis for Malayalam Text - to - Speech systems Accept-Short 4 Language
262 Recognition of Handwritten Kannada Numerals Accept-Short 4 Language
82 Utilization of Volterra Series in Speech Signal Coding Accept-Poster 2 Language
115 A Novel Heuristic-based High Performance Vowel Classifier for Spoken Indian English Accept-Poster 2 Language
41 A structural method for extracting features in printed characters Accept-Poster 2 Language
267 Analysis of Error Sources Towards Improved Form Processing Accept-Poster 2 Language
34 Characterizing Handwritten Devanagari Characters using Evolved Regular Expressions Accept-Poster 2 Language
100 Color Image Compression with Modified Forward Only Counter Propagation Neural Network: Improvement of the Quality Using Different Distance Measures Accept-Poster 2 Language
88 Unsupervised Change Detection in Remote-Sensing Images using One-dimensional Self-Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Accept-Poster 2 Language
177 Camouflage Defect Identifiaction: A Novel Approach Accept-Poster 2 Language
90 A new collision resistant hash function based on optimum dimensionality reduction using Walsh-Hadamard transform Accept-Full 6 Security
154 A Microprocessor-based Block Cipher through Rotational Addition Technique (RAT) Accept-Full 6 Security
218 Securing Membership Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Accept-Short 4 Security
142 A Simple Geometric Approach for Ear Recognition Accept-Short 4 Security
161 Universal Designated Multi Verifier Signature without Random Oracles Accept-Short 4 Security
206 Modeling Chinese Wall Policy Using Colored Petri Nets Accept-Short 4 Security
266 Policy Specification and Enforcement for Detection of Security Violations in a Mail Service Accept-Short 4 Security
117 Cascaded Encryption Through Recursive Carry Addition and Key Rotation (CRCAKR) of a Session Key Accept-Poster 2 Security
201 A Framework for Handling Security Issues in Grid Environment Accept-Poster 2 Security
261 A Palmprint Classification Scheme using Heart Line Feature Extraction Accept-Poster 2 Security
57 Crypatanalysis of Block Ciphers via Improved Simulated Annealing Technique Accept-Poster 2 Security
67 Grid Access Control Through Delegation of Roles Accept-Poster 2 Security
130 Performance Of Various Cost Functions In The Search For Strong S-Boxes And The Effect Of Varying Their Parameters Accept-Poster 2 Security
144 CARMA: Cellular Automata-based Remote Mutual Authentication Accept-Poster 2 Security
37 Version Control using Cryptographic Access Control Accept-Poster 2 Security
229 WaveSim and Adaptive WaveSim Transform for Subsequence Time-Series Clustering Accept-Full 6 Databases
260 LB_HUST: A Symmetrical Boundary Distance for Clustering Time Series Accept-Full 6 Databases
221 Neuro-Fuzzy Fusion: A New Approach to Multiple Classifier System Accept-Short 4 Databases
60 Improved Bitmap Indexing Strategy for Data Warehouses Accept-Short 4 Databases
48 Fuzzy Linguistic Approach to Matchmaking in E-Commerce Accept-Short 4 Databases
72 Particles with Age for Data Clustering Accept-Short 4 Databases
77 Use of Instance Typicality for Efficient Detection of Outliers with Neural Network Classifiers Accept-Short 4 Databases
87 Cumulative Path Summary for Structurally Dynamic XML Documents Accept-Poster 2 Databases
103 Aggregating Subjective and Objective Measures of Web Search Quality using Modified Shimura Technique Accept-Poster 2 Databases
171 A comparative analysis of discretization methods for Medical Datamining with Na´ve Bayesian classifier Accept-Poster 2 Databases
191 GenericWA-RBAC: Role Based Access Control Model for Web Applications Accept-Poster 2 Databases
200 Segmentation of Color Images using Mean Shift Algorithm for Feature Extraction Accept-Poster 2 Databases
215 An Adaptive Caching Location Strategy by Location Database Clustering in PCS Networks Accept-Poster 2 Databases
26 Towards an Architecture of an Image Database Accept-Poster 2 Databases
217 Fuzzy data mining for customer loyalty analysis Accept-Poster 2 Databases
78 A generic prototype for storing and querying XML documents in RDBMS using model mapping methods Accept-Poster 2 Databases
126 Designing the Next Generation of Medical Information Systems Accept-Poster 2 Databases
64 Design of  Novel  Reversible Carry Look-Ahead  BCD  Subtractor Accept - Full 6 Hardware/Software
224 Aggregation Pheromone Density Based Clustering Accept - Full 6 Hardware/Software
61 A Domain Based Prioritized Model for Web Servers Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
207 Multi Source Streaming using Multiple Description Coding with Content Delivery Networks Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
18 An efficient parallel algorithm for finding the largest and the second largest elements from a list of elements Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
74 Reversible Implementation of Densely-Packed-Decimal Converter to and from Binary-Coded-Decimal Format Using in IEEE-754R Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
121 A Programmable Parallel Structure to perform Galois Field Exponentiation Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
246 Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for  k-way Equipartitioning of a Point Set with Application to CAD-VLSI Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
225 An Event Notification Service based on XML Messaging on Different Transport Technologies Accept - Short 4 Hardware/Software
15 Modeling the Classical and Folk Dance Video Objects Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
205 A High Performance ASIC for Cellular Automata Applications Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
118 A Computer Aided FEM Based Numerical Solution for Transient Response of Laminated Composite PlatesWith CutOuts Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
172 A comprehensive Fault model for Quantum-dor Cellular Automata Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
226 DSSIS: Dictionary-based Segmented Signal Inversion Scheme for Low Power Dynamic Bus Design Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
108 An Alternate Way to Rank Hyper-linked Web-Pages Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
258 Primitives for Structured Workflow Design: A Mathematical Specification and Analysis Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
190 A linear time algorithm for constructing tree 3-spanner in simple chordal bipartite graphs Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software
249 A Novel Approach for Static Slicing of Inter-Procedural Programs Accept - Poster 2 Hardware/Software